2015 Delegates Race

Beginning in August, Equality Virginia Advocates submits questionnaires asking each candidate how they will work in their office to support their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender constituents, end discrimination, and build safer communities.

Click the district name to see a profile of that district.

Each candidate’s name links to their campaign site, where their stance on various issues should be readily accessible. However, some incumbents do not maintain a campaign site and their name links to their delegate profile. If this is the case with your delegate, please refer to EVA’s Legislative Scorecard to find out where they stand on LGBT issues.


Which district are you in?

Use our Elected Official Locator to find out who currently represents you. Click here to find your legislator.







District 1  

 Terry Kilgore*


District 2 Dudenhefer

Josh King

EVA Questionnaire

 Mark Dudenhefer


 District 3  

Will Morefield*


District 4  4 pillion

Todd Pillion*


District 5  

Israel O’Quinn*


District 6

 Jeff Campbell*


District 7

Nick Rush*


District 8   

 Greg Habeeb*


District 9  

Charles Poindexter*


 District 10  10 rush

Peter Rush


Randy Minchew*

EVA Questionnaire

District 11  

 Sam Rasoul*

EVA Questionnaire

District 12 12 buchwald 12 youst

Laurie Buchwald

EVA Questionnaire

Joseph Yost*


District 13

Don Shaw

EVA Questionnaire

Bob Marshall*


District 14  

 Danny Marshall*


District 15  

Todd Gilbert*


District 16

Les Adams*


District 17 

Christopher Head*


District 18 

Michael Webert*


District 19

 Terry L Austin*


District 20    20 hammer

 Dickie Bell*

EVA Questionnaire

William Hammer


 District 21 21 hippen  

 Susan Hippen

EVA Questionnaire

Ron Villanueva*


District 22 22 byron

Kathy Byron*


District 23 23 garret

Scott Garrett*


District 24  24 arthur 24 cline

Ellen Arthur

EVA Questionnaire

Ben Cline*


District 25  25 lynn  

Angela Lynn

EVA Questionnaire

Steve Landes*

EVA Questionnaire 

District 26  

Tony Wilt*


District 27 27 mooradian

 Martin Mooradian

EVA Questionnaire

 Roxann Robinson*


District 28  28 hilliard

Kandy Hilliard

EVA Questionnaire

 Bill Howell*


District 29

Chris Collins


 District 30 30 freitas

Nicholas Freitas


District 31 Camera: DCS330CSerial #: K330C-1897Width: 1504Height: 2008Date: 2/12/02Time: 10:40:12DCS3xx ImageFW Ver: 3.0.10TIFF ImageLook: ProductAntialiasing Filter: InstalledTaggedCounter: [24930]ISO Speed: 125Aperture: f16Shutter

Sara Townsend


Scott Lingamfelter*


District 32

Elizabeth Miller

 EVA Questionnaire

Tag Greason*


District 33 33 hedges anderson 33 h

Chuck Hedges

EVA Questionnaire

Dave LaRock*


Mark Anderson


 District 34  34 parisot

Kathleen Murphy*


Craig Parisot


 District 35  35 keam

 Mark Keam*


District 36  36 plum

 Ken Plum*


 District 37   37 Yi

David Bulova*

EVA Questionnaire

Sang Yi


District 38    Col.JimLeslie

 Kaye Kory*

EVA Questionnaire

Jim Leslie


 District 39

Vivian Watts*

EVA Questionnaire

District 40  

 Jerry Foltz

EVA Questionnaire

Tim Hugo*


District 41

Eileen Filler-Corn*

EVA Questionnaire

 District 42 42 garcia

 Joana Garcia


Dave Albo*


 District 43    43 urman  paul mcilvaine

Mark Sickles*


Anna Urman


Paul McIlvaine

EVA Questionnaire 

District 44

Paul E. Krizek

EVA Questionnaire

 District 45  

Mark Levine

EVA Questionnaire

District 46  46 herring lenehan 46  46 andrew bakker

 Charniele Herring*


Sean Lenehan


Andy Bakker


 District 47    janet murphy 47

 Patrick Hope*

EVA Questionnaire

Janet Murphy


 District 48

Rip Sullivan*

EVA Questionnaire

 District 49

Alfonso Lopez*

EVA Questionnaire

District 50 50 McCollough

Kyle McCollough

EVA Questionnaire

Jackson Miller*


 District 51

Rich Anderson*


District 52  52 torian

 Luke Torian*


District 53

Marcus Simon

EVA Questionnaire

District 54

 Bobby Orrock*


District 55  55 radler  

Toni Radler

EVA Questionnaire

Buddy Fowler*


District 56

 Peter Farrell*


District 57  57 toscano

 David Toscano*


District 58  

 Rob Bell*


District 59  

 Matt Fariss*


District 60

 James Edmunds*


District 61  61 marston  

Greg Marston

EVA Questionnaire

Tommy Wright*


District 62  62 bynum-coleman  

Sheila Bynum-Coleman

EVA Questionnaire

Riley Ingram*


District 63

Lashrecse Aird

EVA Questionnaire

District 64

Rick Morris*


District 65

Lee Ware*


District 66

Kirk Cox*


 District 67

Jim LeMunyon*


 District 68  68 loupassi  dickinson68

 Bill Grogan

EVA Questionnaire

Manoli Loupassi*

EVA Questionnaire

Michael Dickinson

EVA Questionnaire

 District 69

Betsy Carr*

EVA Questionnaire

District 70 70 mcquinn

 Delores McQuinn*


District 71 71 imholt

Jennifer McClellan*

EVA Questionnaire

Steve Imholt

EVA Questionnaire 

District 72  72 massie

Jimmie Massie*

EVA Questionnaire 

District 73  73 o'bannon

John O’Bannon*


District 74  74 bagby  74 lambert

Lamont Bagby


David Lambert


District 75 75 tyler

Roslyn Tyler*


District 76  76 jones

 Chris Jones*


District 77 77 spruill

Lionell Spruill, Sr*


District 78 Del. J. A. "Jay" Leftwich, Jr., R-Chesapeake at the General Assembly Building in Richmond, VA Friday, Nov. 22, 2013.

Jay Leftwich*


District 79

Steve Heretick

EVA Questionnaire

District 80

Matthew James*


District 81  81 staples

Barry Knight*


Jeffery Staples

EVA Questionnaire

District 82 bill fleming 82 82 miayres

Bill Fleming

EVA Questionnaire 

Jason Miyares


District 83  83 stolle

Chris Stolle*

EVA Questionnaire 

District 84  

Glenn Davis*


District 85  85 taylor

Scott Taylor


District 86    86 vargas  brubaker 96

Jennifer Boysko

EVA Questionnaire

Danny Vargas


Paul Brubaker


District 87  Nguyen 87  suojanen 87

John Bell

EVA Questionnaire

Chuong Nguyen


Brian Suojanen


District 88 88 cole

Mark Cole*


District 89 89 hester

Daun Hester*


District 90  90 lindsey

Joseph Lindsey


District 91  

 Gordon Helsel*


District 92  92 ward

Jeion Ward*


 District 93   93 overy

Monty Mason*


Lara S. Overy


District 94

Shelly Simonds

EVA Questionnaire

David Yancey*


 District 95 95 burnett

Marcia Price

EVA Questionnaire

Pricillia Burnett

EVA Questionnaire

District 96    waltrip 96

 Brenda Pogge*


Brandon C. Waltrip


District 97  97 peace  erica lawler 97

Chris Peace*


Erica Lawler

EVA Questionnaire

District 98

Keith Hodges*


 District 99  99 ransone

 Margaret Ransone*


 District 100 100 randall 100 bloxom

Willie Randall


Robert Bloxom*