2015 Senate Race

Beginning in August, Equality Virginia Advocates submits questionnaires asking each candidate how they will work in their office to support their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender constituents, end discrimination, and build safer communities.

Click the district name to see a profile of that district.

Each candidate’s name links to their campaign site, where their stance on various issues should be readily accessible. However, some incumbents do not maintain a campaign site and their name links to their delegate profile. If this is the case with your delegate, please refer to EVA’s Legislative Scorecard to find out where they stand on LGBT issues.


Which district are you in?

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District 1 1 matney

John Miller*

EVA Questionnaire

Mark Matney


District 2 2 Locke

Mamie Locke*


District 3  hugo reyes 3 3 Norment

Hugo Reyes

EVA Questionnaire

Tommy Norment*


District 4 4 McDougle

Ryan McDougle*

EVA Questionnaire

District 5 5 Alexander

Kenneth Alexander*


District 6 6 Lewis 6 ottinger

Lynwood Lewis*


Richard H. Ottinger


District 7 7 wagner

Gary T. McCollum

EVA Questionnaire

Frank Wagner*


District 8 8 belote  8 desteph

Dave Belote

EVA Questionnaire

Bill DeSteph


District 9

Don McEachin*

EVA Questionnaire

District 10   10 sturtevant  10 loser

Dan Gecker

EVA Questionnaire

Glen Sturtevant


Carl Loser

EVA Questionnaire

marleen durfee 10

Marleen Durfee


District 11 Wayne-Powell 11  11 chase

E. Wayne Powell

EVA Questionnaire

Amanda Chase


District 12 deborah repp  12 Dunnavant

Deborah M. Repp


Siobhan Dunnavant


District 13 13 Black

Jill McCabe

EVA Questionnaire

Dick Black*


District 14  14 cosgrove

John Cosgrove*


District 15 15 Ruff

Frank Ruff


District 16

Rosalyn Dance*

EVA Questionnaire



District 17 17 gallaway 17 Reeves

Ned Gallaway


Bryce Reeves*


District 18 18 Lucas

Louise Lucas*


District 19 19 suetterlein  nelson 19

Michael L. Hamlar

EVA Questionnaire

David R. Suetterlein


Steve Nelson


District 20 20 stanley

Kimberly E. Adkins


Bill Stanley*


District 21 21 edwards 21 Dye  caldwell

John Edwards*


Nancy V. Dye


 Donald S. Caldwell


District 22 22 Garrett

Tom Garrett*


District 23 newman 23

Steve Newman


District 24 24 hanger

Emmett Hanger*


District 25 25 deeds

Creigh Deeds*


District 26 april moore 26 Obenshain

April Moore


Mark Obenshain*


District 27

Jill Vogel*


District 28 28 stuart

Richard Stuart*


District 29   29 parrish

Jeremy McPike

EVA Questionnaire

Hal Parrish


District 30

Adam Ebbin*

 EVA Questionnaire

James R. Fisher


District 31 31 forakis

Barbara Favola*

EVA Questionnaire

George V. Forakis


District 32 32 Howell

Janet Howell*


District 33 33 hollingshead

Jennifer Wexton*

EVA Questionnaire

Stephen Hollingshead


District 34 petersen

Chap Petersen*


District 35 35 Saslaw  35 modglin

Dick Saslaw*


Terry Modglin

EVA Questionnaire

District 36 36 foreman

Scott Surovell

EVA Questionnaire

Jerry Foreman


District 37 bergman david 37

Dave Marsden*

EVA Questionnaire

Dave Bergman


District 38

Ben Chafin*


District 39 39 Barker 39 murray

George Barker*


Joe Murray


District 40 40 Carrico

Charles Carrico*