2013 Legislative Scorecard

It’s important to know how your legislators scored on issues of equality during the 2013 General Assembly.  One look at this year’s scorecard shows that we have support in the Senate but still have much work to do in our House.  We can make a difference this year with November’s election.

Consider donating $10, $35 or more so we can mail additional copies of this scorecard and knock on more doors across Virginia.   Help us by printing free copies and sharing with your organizations, friends, family and neighbors.  With your help, we can use this tool to educate Virginians across the state about what’s at stake.



EVA scored Virginia’s Senators and Delegates on four focus areas.  Legislators received positive marks for supporting EVA’s position and are ranked by 2013 score, 2012 score, then last name.

  • WORKPLACE PROTECTIONS: SB701 would have extended workplace protections to LGBT state employees. Senators received marks for voting in favor of the legislation. While the bill did not make it to the House floor, Delegates received a positive ranking for their copatronage of SB701. BILL FAILED
  • BULLYING POLICIES: HB1871 clearly establishes guidelines and model policies for codes of student conduct to aid school boards in implementation of such policies. While the bill does not include enumeration for sexual orientation or gender identity, EVA sees this as the starting point to protecting youth across the state. BILL PASSED
  • DISCRIMINATION IN PUBLIC UNIVERSITY STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: HB1617 and companion SB1074 requires public universities to fund and recognize student groups that choose to discriminate in their membership based on religious or political beliefs. It offers no protection for the students subject to discrimination. Legislators received positive marks for voting against this bill. BILLS PASSED
  • TRACY THORNE-BEGLAND: In 2012, Virginia made national headlines when qualified judicial nominee Tracy Thorne-Begland did not receive confirmation from the House to serve as a judge because he is an out gay man. This year, HR126 and SR27 confirmed Thorne-Begland to the bench, and legislators received positive marks from EVA for voting yes. RESOLUTIONS PASSED