Voting for our hope protection liberation


Be A Pro-Equality Voter

Hundreds of bills have been proposed across the nation to restrict LGBTQ+ people and especially transgender youth access to necessities and basic dignities: bathrooms, healthcare and school sports. Thankfully, we all have the ability to choose lawmakers who will defend and protect our health, safety, education, and access to society without discrimination.

That’s where YOU come in: EV Advocates is here to help you understand which candidates are Pro-Equality. Pro-LGBTQ+. Pro-YOU. There’s a lot of information out there and we’re here to help simplify it all.


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Join the Fight

Across Virginia, campaigns are picking up off the ground and they need volunteers! These campaigns need help to phonebank and canvas for equality. We’re plugging you in directly to the fight on the ground. 

Your time and help goes a long way! Not only is it valuable, it has the potential to change people’s hearts and minds on a Pro-Equality candidate!

"Everything is on the line for LGBTQ+ Virginians this year. Equality must be top of mind when we go to the vote this November. "
Narissa Rahaman
Executive Director