What do Pro-Equality Lawmakers fight for?

Defending and Codifying Same Sex-Marriage in Virginia

In Virginia, same-sex marriage is still outlawed. Pro-Equality candidates are clear on this issue: everyone deserves the right to get married. These candidates are pushing to codify same-sex marriage and ensure that Virginia remains a state for lovers.

Protecting LGBTQ+ Students in Virginia Schools

It’s hard being a young LGBTQ+ person. It’s harder having basic liberties taken away from you. Book bans, sports bans, bathroom bans, and forced outings have no place in our schools. Pro-Equality candidates are here to make sure that our schools remain hate-free. 

Supporting and Protecting Transgender Virginians

With the basic liberties of transgender Virginians being attacked, we need a strong force to rally behind our trans community. Pro-Equality candidates are here to defend the trans community here in Virginia. 

Support and Defend LGBTQ+ Spaces in the Commonwealth

There have been increasing attacks on spaces where LGBTQ+ people congregate to spend time together and spread joy. Pro-Equality candidates are here to defend our spaces and invest in queer joy.

Reinforcing Diversity and Inclusion Practices in the Commonwealth

Diversity is a gift. Making sure that diversity is protected is a requirement for any Pro-Equality candidate. Supporting our communities that are rich in their diversities is crucial to creating a Virginia where every voice matters.